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Google Penalty – Recovery

The recovery from a Google penalty can be a long and tiresome road. In fact, sometimes the help of an affordable seo services company is needed. Often the things that landed a penalty to begin with can be quite large scale and extreme (such as building thousands of spammy links or creating a lot of duplicated/copied content). This means it can take some time to not only remove the issues causing it to begin with but also for Google to re-crawl, re-index and re-rank a site and remove the penalty.

Fortunately, many of Google’s algorithms are real-time nowadays meaning it can (sometimes) be quicker to remove penalties if a site is dramatically improved. On the other hand, there are still cases where a site may not recover fully for even years after remedying the cause of the penalty.

Given the complexity and severity of some penalties, we highly recommend that you seek the help of an SEO company to help remove your penalty. Not only will they be able to effectively diagnose the penalty, but they will likely have seen one before (you should ask them if they have when enquiring!). This would suggest they have more experience in helping a site recover. Not to mention the time it takes to do so, as a business owner such time would be better spent on other things.

Whether it is penguin, panda or a manual one, you will want to get this in hand ASAP. Manual ones are often times easier to work with as the reason behind it is clear and you can submit a reconsideration request once you have fixed your site. Algorithmic ones however are not so simple. They can be tough to diagnose and even harder to fix. Still, hope is not lost and some sites have gone on to have huge SEO success even after receiving a Google penalty.

Patience is key with this. Also, remember to not take a similar approach as to what landed you the penalty in the first place. Any quick fixes or automated methods are unlikely to help here as this is likely what caused the issues in the first place. Careful what advice you listen to and only go with the most experienced and trusted SEO companies. High quality content, links and technical SEO is what is rewarded in the 2019 SERPs.

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